Diagast blood grouping reagents

Division Reagents of Sanquin Blood Supply represents blood grouping products from Diagast for Beckman Coulter PK7300 in The Netherlands. The products can be ordered directly at reagentsorders@sanquin.nl.

About Diagast

DIAGAST was founded within the Centre Régional de Transfusion Sanguine (Regional Blood Transfusion Center) in Lille in 1968. Its role consisted of manufacturing reagents capable of determining blood groups for patients who needed blood transfusions, as well as for the blood used in transfusions.

Later, the laboratory invented a wide range of revolutionary reagents (monoclonal reagents) for which it is the exclusive agent.

Today, DIAGAST is a privileged partner of the French Blood Transfusion Center (E.F.S.). In 1988, the laboratory became DIAGAST, a company marketing its reagents to laboratories, hospitals and transfusion centers.

Over the last 30 years, DIAGAST has developed unparalleled expertise and know-how in the transfusion sector. DIAGAST develops, manufactures and markets reagents (for blood group determination), miniaturized laboratories for manual analysis and automated systems.

Last edited on: 20 March 2014