Give plasma

In addition to blood, Sanquin also collects plasma. Plasma is used to make medicines. It is also administered directly to patients who only need plasma. You can become a plasma donor if you are already a blood donor.

Difference between plasma and blood donation

Plasma donation works differently from blood donation. It is less of a burden to the body than giving blood, because the blood cells are returned immediately. You only donate plasma, which consists primarily of fluid and proteins. Your body will have the fluid at normal levels within a few hours, proteins within a few days. When you donate blood, you also donate blood cells. Creating red blood cells in your body takes more time. That is why you are allowed to give plasma more often than blood.

Everyone can become a plasma donor

In principle, everyone with good blood vessels can become a plasma donor. If you become a plasma donor, you can not combine this with giving blood.

Collection locations for plasma

You can donate plasma at most (permanent) locations. This is always done with an appointment. If you want to make sure this is also possible near you, check the location finder.

Call our donor information line (088-730 8686) or ask the donor assistant at the blood bank if you have any questions.