Is your blood safe?

In order to ensure the safety of blood transfusions, Sanquin tests all donations. If the test results are abnormal, the blood is not used. You can not give blood if you may have been at risk for contracting HIV or another blood-borne illness. There are a number of risk factors that the blood bank takes into account. If one of these risk factors applies to you, please call 088-730 8686 and ask for the donation doctor.

You cannot be a blood donor if:

  • you are HIV-positive or have AIDS;
  • you are a carrier of the hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus;
  • you have ever injected recreational drugs

Temporary restrictions for donation

If any of the following situations apply to you, you cannot donate temporarily. If you have one steady sexual partner*, if you’re uncertain about any risk factors, and if you wish to discuss, please call Sanquin Blood Bank at 088-730 86 86.

You may not donate blood or plasma for four months after:

  • sex with someone who is HIV-positive or has AIDS;
  • sex with someone from a region where AIDS is prevalent, such as Sub-Saharan Africa and the Cape Verde Islands*;
  • sex with someone who has ever injected drugs*;
  • sex with someone who has a sexually transmitted disease or hepatitis (jaundice, liver inflammation);
  • sex in exchange for money or drugs;
  • sex that you paid for;
  • contact with someone else’s blood, for example, through an injury with a used needle or a blood-contaminated sharp object;
  • sex with multiple sexual partners, including at least one partner with whom you’ve engaged in anal sexual contact;
  • anal sexual contact with a new sexual partner**;
  • snorting cocaine.

* If this is your steady partner, please consult a donor assistant or doctor at the blood bank, or call 088-730 86 86.
** Also in the case of resuming sexual contact after previously ending a relationship.