Annual Reports

The Annual Reports give an overview of the activities of Sanquin Blood Supply in the past years.

2022, after several exciting corona years, was the year when things somewhat went back to normal. No more mouth caps and corona checks at the blood banks, and the offices were filled again with people who had been working largely from home for a few years.

We worked with and on our new strategy in 2022, which focuses on a healthy and loyal donor community, maximum added value for society and operational excellence. In October, our new CEO took office, spearheading the effort to strengthen the connection within the organization.

In the coming years, we will continue to work on the strategy within all our units, Blood Bank, Research and the holding company units.

Want to know more about our lessons from 2022 and our ambitions for the future? Then read the 2022 annual report:

Annual Report Sanquin Blood Supply 2022 (in Dutch)

Annual Report Sanquin Health Solutions BV 2022 (in Dutch)

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Annual Accounts 2013 - 2019 are included in the Annual Reports above. 

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