Annual Reports

The Annual Reports give an overview of the activities of Sanquin Blood Supply in the past years.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2017 (pdf)

Annual Report 2016 (pdf)

Annual Report 2015 (pdf)

Annual Report 2014 (pdf)

Annual Report 2013 (pdf)

Annual Report 2012 (pdf)

Annual Report 2011 (pdf)

Annual Accounts 

Annual Accounts 2013 - 2017 are included in the Annual Reports above. 

Annual Accounts 2012 (pdf)

Annual Accounts 2011 (pdf)

Scientific Reports

In our Scientific Report you will find information on our organization and our policies towards research. An overview of all our research is described, with some key publications for further reference.

Scientific Report 2011 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2010 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2009 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2008 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2007 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2006 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2005 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2004 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2003 (pdf)

Scientific Report 2002 (pdf) cookie settings

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