Cytokine ELISA in 2 different formats

Division Reagents of Sanquin Blood Supply offers a range of ELISA kits for Pelikines and granzymes. The kits are available in 3-plates or 19-plates format.


Compact Cytokine ELISA kits (3-plates)
Excellent performance at an affordable price! Complete with a optimized assay protocol. These ELISA kits offer substantial savings over kits with pre-coated plates
Reagent sets for ELISA kits (19-plates)
Excellent performance and lowest price! The set contains 5 times the coating and biotinylated detection antibody as well as the standard from the compact kits


You did not find what you are looking for and you are working in the Netherlands? Find out in the Diaclone kits (pdf) or antibody (pdf) catalogue if we have the right product for you. 

Last edited on: 22 October 2015