Blood grouping reagents

Blood grouping reagents are essential tools for diagnostic laboratories, specialized in serology. The broad range of products, developed by division Reagents, is used in several serological tests, especially focused on red blood cells and platelets.

These diagnostic tests are of the highest importance before a blood transfusion is administered, and to prevent immunisation during pregnancy.


Magister C24
World's first small fully automated blood group analyser
Cellbind gel cards
Immunofixation column technology for all blood group serological testing
Reagents for typing
Detection of Blood group antigens on erythrocytes AB0, Rhesus and other antigens
Reagents for the (in)direct antiglobulin test (Coombs sera)
Polyspecific, monospecific and agglutination potentiating reagents
Red blood cells (3% cell suspension)
Red blood cells for confirmation, control, screening and identification
Column panels (0.8% cell suspension)
Red blood cells for screening and identification in column agglutination systems
Quality control panels and proficiency kits
Panels for internal and external control and education
Platelet cross-matching and screening
MASPAT tests for the detection of antibodies against platelets
Elution kit
Kit for the elution of antibodies from intact red blood cells
Handbook Immune Haematology
Dutch and English version available
Current antigen pattern
Wra positive reagent red blood cells for the detection of Wra-antibodies.  
Find the Composition sheets for the Panel Interpretation Programme 
Last edited on: 25 November 2015