Research and development at Sanquin

Within all divisions of Sanquin, research relating to blood transfusion medicine and immunology in the broadest sense is performed by a dedicated research staff. This staff consists of about 150 researchers (including fifteen scientists holding professorships, and around 80 PhD students), and over 80 technicians. Every year over 200 papers are published, mainly in peer reviewed journals and more than 15 PhD theses are defended.

Our research is focused around five medical needs:
Anemia (Coordinator: Marieke von Lindern MD)
Bleeding and Hemostasis (Coordinator: Prof Anske van der Bom MD PhD)
Cancer (Coordinator: Timo van den Berg PhD)
Immune deficiency and Aging (Coordinator: Prof Marieke van Ham PhD)
Vascular and Inflammatory diseases (Coordinator: Jaap van Buul PhD, Diana Wouters PhD and Martijn Nolte PhD)


Corporate Movie


A major part of the research takes place in various departments of the Division Research, located on the premises in Amsterdam and Leiden. Also, research is performed in close collaboration with the Division Diagnostic Services.

Sanquin has 7 products and services departments performing research, including the division Plasma Products, Reagents and the Blood Bank. Each has their own departments of product- and process development.

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Research portfolio

Sanquin’s research portfolio is divided into strategic research (ranging from basic to applied and clinical research) and product- and process development.

Co-development and business activities

Sanquin also performs research for third parties and is involved in co-development with other organizations.
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Research code

Sanquin has drawn up a research code comparable to the research codes of most universities. For more information:
Download the research code

Furthermore, Sanquin is affiliated to the National Organization for Scientific Integrity (LOWI).

Last edited on: 19 December 2016