Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Prostitution?

    You may donate as long as it has been 4 months or more since you last received money or drugs for sex. If you paid someone for sex these four months since the last paid contact also apply.

  • Weight?

    You must weigh 51 kg or more to donate blood. You may not donate blood if you weigh less than this because it is a health risk.

  • Anorexia Nervosa?

    You may donate blood if your general physical condition is good and you weigh more than 51 kg.

  • Acid reflux?

    You may donate blood. If you have had a stomach exam (gastroscopy), you may only donate blood again 4 months after the exam, even if the results were normal.

  • Stomach ulcer?

    You may donate blood once you have fully recovered, and have not used antibiotics for at least 2 weeks.

    If you have had a stomach exam (gastroscopy), you may not donate blood for 4 months.

    Antacids are not a problem.

  • Make up, permanent make-up and semi-permanent make-up?

    You may donate blood 4 months after having permanent or semi-permanent make-up applied.

  • Earlobe perforation (pierced ears)?

    You may donate blood if this was performed using sterile disposable equipment by a qualified professional. If it is unclear whether these conditions were met, you may donate blood again after 4 months.

  • Surgery?

    If you will be undergoing surgery soon, always consult the donation doctor before giving blood.

    After surgery, you can donate blood if the following conditions have all been met: The wound has healed and sutures have been removed.
    If any tissue was sent in for histology, the results must be available and not malignant.
    You did not receive any blood, platelets or plasma (see blood transfusion).
    You have fully recovered and feel fit.

    Minor surgery: After minor surgery (such as cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, fat removal or circumcision), you may donate blood 1 week after the wound has healed and any sutures have been removed and you feel well.

    NOTE! If you have undergone a laparoscopic procedure or endoscopy, you may not be allowed to donate blood for 4 months (see laparoscopy and endoscopy).

  • Ozone therapy?

    You may donate blood 4 months after the treatment.

  • Piercing?

    You may donate blood 4 months after the procedure.