Dutch donor database

The active Dutch donor population consists of approximately 400,000 non-remunerated donors (approximately 2.5% of the Dutch population). Since Sanquin Blood Supply is by law the only blood bank in the Netherlands, all Dutch blood donors are represented in Sanquin’s information system.

Prior to every donation, donors fill out a donor health questionnaire to identify known medical conditions and potential exposure to transmissible infectious diseases. Current and previous versions of this questionnaire can be requested via donorinsight@sanquin.nl. Furthermore, haemoglobin and blood pressure are measured to check whether the prospective donor is eligible to donate. In the Netherlands, female donors are considered eligible to donate if their haemoglobin is ≥ 7.8 mmol/L, male donors if their haemoglobin is ≥ 8.4 mmol/L.

Data on donors, their donations, eligibility assessments, (self-) deferrals (including reasons) etcetera are entered into the blood establishment information system and extracted for research purposes.

Last edited on: 26 August 2014