Specific plasma donations

If you have high levels of specific antibodies in your blood, you can help by becoming a plasma donor.

Specific antibodies (immune substances) can prevent certain diseases such as hepatitis and tetanus. For example, if you prick yourself with a used needle, you can receive an injection with hepatitis B antibodies to prevent hepatitis B. Or if you suffer a serious injury, you will usually receive a vaccination with tetanus antibodies to prevent tetanus.

The antibodies are made with plasma from volunteer, unpaid Dutch donors with high levels of these specific antibodies in their blood. In order to make enough antibody vaccines, we need a lot of plasma from these donors. Once you are a plasma donor, we regularly measure the levels of specific antibodies that you are a donor for.

Using the antibodies in your plasma, we create vaccines that can prevent infection with hepatitis A (jaundice), hepatitis B, shingles, chicken pox and tetanus.

Register today!

If you have high levels of the above-mentioned specific antibodies in your blood, please register via our donor information hotline (088-730 8686) or by using the registration form.