Donor Complaint Committee

The Donor Complaint Committee consists of five members. Two of them are being nominated by the Donor Advisory Council. The comittee has an advisor specialized in quality care, and the Board of Directors chooses a secretary from within the organization. The Board of Directors also appoints the members and the advisor. Members are appoined for a period of four years and can be reappointed one more time after that.


- mr. J.A.J. Peeters, chairman
- mw. H.L. Hellinga
- mw. P.F.A.M. Kolman-Backbier
- dhr. S.H. Kruithof
- mw. mr. S.M.M. Gondrie-Belt
- mw. dr. P.C. van Krimpen, advisor
- mw. mr. M. de Bruijn-van Beek, secretary

More information on our working methods with complaints? Check our regulations (pdf).


t.a.v. Donorklachtencommissie
Postbus 9892
1006 AN Amsterdam


[email protected]


Here you can find the most recent reports (in Dutch) of the Donor Complaint Committee:

jaarverslag Donorklachtencommissie 2017 (pdf)
- jaarverslag Donorklachtencommissie 2016 (pdf)
jaarverslag Donorklachtencommissie 2015 (pdf)
jaarverslag Donorklachtencommissie 2014 (pdf)
jaarverslag Donorklachtencommissie 2013 (pdf)
jaarverslag Donorklachtencommissie 2012 (pdf)