Donor Advisory Council

Donors are the heart of the Dutch blood supply. The donors’ interests thus have the full attention of Sanquin Blood Supply. Sanquin places a high value on donors being involved in and giving advice on donor-related issues. This is why Sanquin set up the Donor Advisory Council.

The Donor Advisory Council

The Donor Advisory Council (DAC) is the consultative body between Sanquin and the donors and has the following objectives:

to represent - within the scope of Sanquin's objectives - the common interests of all donors, especially contributing to the monitoring and promotion of the quality aspects of donation that are directly relevant to the experience and well-being of the donors;

to develop an effective and efficient form of consultation and cooperation with Sanquin's Executive Board, with the following goals:
a. to involve Sanquin's donors in Sanquin's donor-related policy;
b. to exchange information with regard to the quality of the care that Sanquin is to provide to donors.

The Executive Board and the Donor Advisory Council have set forth the corresponding rights and obligations in the Regulation (in Dutch / PDF). The DAC is the successor of the National Donor Council.


- Mr. T. Bröring, independent chairman
- Ms. I. Scheperboer
- Ms. S. Klijnstra
- Mr. H. Loman
- Ms. E. Krekels
- Ms. N. Brouwer
- Ms. C. Visser
- Mr. M. Morren
- Mr. W. Schrover
- Ms. J.P. Davidse, Representative Dutch Donor Association 
- Mr. J. Scholtes, Representative Dutch Youth Committee (youth donor association)

Permanent consultation partners on behalf of Sanquin:

- Ms. D.C. Thijssen-Timmer (PhD), member Executive Committee, Director Blood Bank
- Mr. P. Verheggen, MScBA, pharmacist, Unit Director QRA & Donor Affairs (Collection and DIL/DAD)

DAC Secretarial Office:

- Ms E. Tang, Official Secretary

Communication with blood donors

The DAC issues an annual report about its activities. The reports of the former National Donor Council (in Dutch) from 2012 (PDF), 2013 (PDF) and 2014 (PDF) and the DAC report from 2015 (PDF) can be found online.

The Donor Advisory Council informs donors via Sanquin's communications media:

Bloedverwant (which means Blood Relative in Dutch) is a magazine that comes out twice per year and is sent to donors by mail.


You can direct your questions or suggestions for the Donor Advisory Council to the Donor Advisory Council's Secretarial Office.