Donor involvement

Donors are the heart of the Dutch blood supply. There are a number of ways for donors to get involved.

Donor Advisory Council

Sanquin set up the Donor Advisory Council so that donors can be involved in, discuss and give advice on donor-related issues.

Donor Association Netherlands

In addition, there is the Donor Association Netherlands which is committed to the interests of blood and plasma donors.

Donor studies

In addition, Sanquin Research's Donor Studies department conducts both practical as well as scientific research on donors. This is so that they can guarantee the health and availability of donors now and in the future.

Donor Complaint Committee

You can initially and preferably make a complaint known to the employees at the donation centre. You can also contact our donor physician for comments of a medical nature. Of course you can also fill in our contact form. Within four weeks you will receive a (written) message about the handling of the complaint.

If your complaint has not been dealt with sufficiently, you can contact the donor complaints committee by e-mail or in writing. This must be done within three months of the occurrence of the complaint or after (written) processing thereof. The donor complaints committee sends a confirmation of receipt within two weeks and makes a decision within three months on the merits of the complaint. If necessary, the donor complaints committee can advise the Executive Board on possible further actions.