Possibilities for development

Sanquin finds it important that their employess can develop them self. Therefore we offer internal and external trainings to our employees. We also offer the possibility to follow interesting workshops or congresses within your area of activity.

Follow an internal training

Sanquin offers customized internal training courses. Among others we offer the in-company training Management Development and our Management Training program for Managers.

Follow an external training

In the yearly appraisal and result interview employee and manager discuss if there is a need for a course or training for the following year. In the appraisal and result interview agreements are noted.

Career coaching

Sanquin offers the possibility to make use of a Periodic Individual Career Advice (SPIL) in supoort of your employability and your career development. The aim of the SPIL is to keep an optimum 'match' between employee and organization and to be able to take timely action if there is no desired match (or if this threatens to happen). For more informatie see SPIL.

Last edited on: 15 October 2015