Internships at Sanquin

Sanquin Blood Supply offers various challenging internships both for secondary education students and for higher vocational education and university students.

Practical training and research placements

Sanquin has interesting internships for enthusiastic intermediate vocational education, higher vocational education and university students. We offer for instance internships for students who follow a laboratory training course or a course for doctor's assistant. There are also possibilities for students in chemistry, biomedical science, medical biology and pharmacy.

Social internships

Secondary education students looking for a social internship can also turn to Sanquin. You can for instance work as a host or hostess to receive donors or visitors at one of the main locations or collection locations. Helping at the facilities service or during Sanquin's open days is also an option.

You can find more information about internships and courses in our Education section.

Last edited on: 15 October 2015