what does Sanquin offer you as an employer?

Sanquin offers a job in an unique organization. Nowhere else in the world can you find a company that combines medical, pharamceutical and scientific research in one innovative concern. In addition, we also offer attractive working conditions and salary conform CAO Sanquin.

Collective Labour Agreement

Sanquin has its own Collective Labour Agreement. This includes arrangements on pay, working hours, holiday and leave, travel allowance and pension. For trainee research assistents (OIO's) separate salary arrangements have been laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement. View the CAO.

What can you financially expect from Sanquin?

Every employer gets:

What leave offers Sanquin?

Establish a personal benefits package

Sanquin offers her employees the change to exchange employment conditions from the Collective Labour Agreement for other employment conditions which appeal more to you. In this way you can put together a personal employee benefits package which optimally suits your personal situation. Employees can save for instants for a longer leave period, extra pension or a bike. You can pay for this from the following sources: gross monthly salary, holiday allowance, end-of-year bonus. The fact that you can put togehter a package with individual options is not only agreeable, flexible employment conditions are often also tax-friendly.


Sanquin offers her employees serval possibilities for development. View possibilities for development.

Last edited on: 15 October 2015