What we offer

Personal development: you take the wheel

As a staff member

At Sanquin, we want everyone to achieve the best they can. Development of knowledge, skills and talents is important to us. We will always encourage you to develop professionally. You have an individual development budget that can be used for internal and external courses, or you could use it for professional training and workshops. But you can also grow through peer-to-peer coaching, training on the job, internships with other departments or collaboration on a project.

It is not just useful to consider your development and career, we also think it's fun. Your manager will be there for suggestions and guidance, but sometimes you could use some extra support. If this is the case, we consider whether career coaching could help you to gain more insight into your wishes. This could be done through individual discussions or e-coaching. The Digital Career Coach allows you to work towards your future whenever is most convenient for you.

As a manager

We believe that visionary and coaching managers make a difference in our organisation. High potentials may be eligible for a Management Development Programme. This programme supports and coaches you in the development of your talent and management potential.

Experienced managers are also expected to (continue to) develop, for instance through training to improve their performance, or by attending our Sanquin talks. These popular, informal meetings showcase inspiring stories by special guest speakers from other companies or organisations.

Our question to you: where will your Sanquin career start?

Terms of employment

A good foundation

Sanquin is a unique organisation and that requires special terms of employment. It is no wonder we have our own collective labour agreement, with clear agreements on important issues such as salary, leave, travel allowances and pensions. But also on irregular shifts and overtime.
For instance, you will be given an end-of-year bonus (thirteenth month), a sound pension provision and collective discount agreements with several insurers. What's more, a fulltime job with us means 36 hours, with more than 25 days' leave.

Your own choices

As an employer, Sanquin offers attractive terms of employment. The beauty is that it also gives you options. How? By dropping terms of employment from the collective labour agreement in favour of other provisions that you find more appealing. This way, you can assemble a personal employee benefits package, tailored to your situation and wishes. These flexible terms of employment could allow you to purchase a bicycle, or opt for extra travel expenses by optimising your tax allowance.

Last edited on: 12 July 2017