Who we are

Sanquin is a remarkable, community organisation; we are solely responsible for looking after the supply of blood in the Netherlands. With almost 3,000 committed colleagues and 350,000 blood donors, we can provide a better life for 300,000 patients each year. Every day, we work incredibly hard for these results.


We are unique, because we are the only organisation in the world that can boast in-house medical, pharmaceutical and even scientific knowledge and expertise. For instance, did you know that Sanquin also produces medicines? Or that we carry out scientific research and provide education?
As a result, our roles are incredibly diverse. So, there are wide-ranging professional fields and levels for you to choose from if you want to join our team.

Professional and communal

We are a professional community organisation, we do not receive government funding and therefore operate independently. We have no shareholders and therefore there is no need to pay dividends (profit distribution). Our yield is invested back into our organisation. For even more research to help patients, and continue process improvements and innovation. What’s more, this ensures that we maintain our globally prominent position.

On the move

What does all of this mean for you as our possible new colleague? It means that you will work in an organisation that is dynamic thanks to its scientific character. After all, research continues endlessly. But also an organisation on the move because we want to keep improving ourselves. This is why we ask for your contribution. From your own knowledge and professional field, but also in entrepreneurship. Do you have an idea? We will give you all the space you need to develop it. And of course we will support your career with the necessary educational programmes and training. Finally, you can count on an attractive package of employment benefits and conditions.

Our culture and how we operate

Our culture is without a doubt informal, we often pop in to see each other. We are also very passionate about what we do, so we love talking about it. So, if there’s anything you want to know, please ask!

In addition to our hard work, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy ourselves. Because we think having fun is also part of working together. Feel like going to the gym or having a drink with colleagues after work, or even a weekend away or a holiday together? Many a lifelong friendship started here, at work. And: nothing compulsory, just opportunities. It’s up to you. We also run Young Blood for our young professionals; an active network for gaining knowledge and inspiration and to get to know colleagues from other departments.

Informal and professional go very well together. For instance, we think solid, clear agreements are important. And we also expect everyone to expect this from everyone else. We ask everyone to take responsibility too. For your own work, but also for its effect on other colleagues. Is there anything that could be done better? Raise the issue and resolve it (together).


No matter how varied our work is, we all feel strongly connected through one goal which is working with the donor to ensure a better life for the patient. Whether you ask the phlebotomy colleague, the process operator in medicine production, the IT professional or the quality officer: they all value the fact that they contribute. And they are proud of it too.

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Last edited on: 12 July 2017