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Thijs (TJW) van de Laar PhD

Blood-borne infections

Medicinal chemistry and Environmental sciences (major molecular toxicology), Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam


Molecular Epidemiology of Hepatitis C Virus
2007 - University of Amsterdam

Research interests

Molecular Biology and Epidemiology, Virus Diagnostics, Blood-borne and Sexually Transmitted Infections


Conventional, Serological and Molecular detection of infectious agents, Optical Mapping Cloning and various other molecular biological techniques

2013-present Post-doc at the Dept of Blood-borne Infections, Sanquin, Amsterdam
Staff at Dept of Viral Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Services, Sanquin, Amsterdam
2012-2013 Medical Molecular Microbiologist; Staff at Dept of Medical Microbiology & Infection Control, VU medical centre, Amsterdam
2010-2012 Traineeship: Medical Molecular Microbiologist (MMM)
Dept. Medical Microbiology & Infection Control, VU medical centre, Amsterdam.
Supervision: Prof HM Savelkoul PhD
2008-2010 Post-doc at Laboratory of Public Health, Health Service Amsterdam
2003-2007 PhD student at Laboratory of Public Health, Health Service Amsterdam, Faculty of Medicine, University of Amsterdam
Promotor: Prof RA Coutinho PhD
Sanquin publications
Other publications

Markov P, Van de Laar T,Thomas X, Aronson S, van den Berk G, Weegink C, Prins M, Pybus O, Schinkel J. Colonial history and contemporary transmission shape the genetic diversity of hepatitis C genotype 2 in Amsterdam. J Virol 2012; 86(14): 7677-87

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van den Berg C, Grady B, Schinkel J, van de Laar T, Molenkamp R, van Houdt R, Coutinho R, van Baarle D, Prins M. Female sex and IL28B, a synergism for spontaneous viral clearance in hepatitis C seroconverters from a community-based cohort. PLoS One 2011; 6(11):e27555

Urbanus A, van de Laar T, Van den Hoek A, Zuure F, Speksnijder A, Baaten G, Heijman T, Vriend H, Op de Coul E, Coutinho R, Prins M. Hepatitis C in the general population of various ethnic groups living in the Netherlands: should-non-western migrants be screened? J Hepatol 2011; 55(6):1207-14

Van de Laar T. Acute hepatitis C virusinfectie bij hiv-positieve mannen die seks hebben met mannen: epidemiologie, diagnose en behandeling. Tijdschrift voor Infectieziekten 2011; 6:42-50.

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Urbanus A, van de Laar T, Stolte I, Schinkel J, Heijman, T Coutinho R, Prins M. Hepatitis C virus infections among HIV-infected men who have sex with men: an expanding epidemic. AIDS 2009; 23(12):F1-7.

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Ruys T, Nanlohy N, van den Berg C, Hassink E, Beld M, van de Laar T, Bruisten S, Wit F, Krol A, Prins M, Lange J, van Baarle D. HCV-specific T-cell responses in injecting drug users: evidence for previous exposure to HCV and a role for CD4+ T cells focusing on nonstructural proteins in viral clearance. J Viral Hepat 2008; 15(6):409-20.

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