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Suzanne (SN) Lissenberg-Thunnissen

Experimental Immunohematology

Bsc Biomedical Sciences (Leiden University, Leiden)
Msc Biomedical Sciences (Leiden University, Leiden)

Research interests

Production of antibodies
1. From known DNA sequences, antibodies are produced.
2. Sometimes during pregnancy, the mother develops (rare) antibodies against (rare) antigens on the red blood cells from the baby. From these women, blood was drawn and specific B cells (against these antigens) will be sorted. Then the DNA sequences of these antibodies will be determined, after which the antibodies will be produced. These antibodies will be coated on a chip, by which bloodgroups can be determined.

  • Cell culture
  • Flow cytometry
  • Cloning
2013-presentResearch Technician Immunohematology Experimental, Sanquin
2011-2013Research Technician Immunopathology, Sanquin
2011Master Biomedical Sciences
2nd Master internship Immunopathology, Sanquin
1st Master internship Traumatology, LUMC
2006-2009Bachelor Biomedical Sciences
Bachelor internship Clinical Oncology, LUMC
Sanquin publications
Other publications

van Baardewijk LJ, van der Ende J, Lissenberg-Thunnissen S, Romijn LM, Hawinkels LJ, Sier CF, Schipper IB. Circulating bone morphogenetic protein levels and delayed fracture healing. Int Orthop 2013; 37(3):523-7.

Lissenberg-Thunnissen SN, de Gorter DJ, Sier CF, Schipper IB. Use and efficacy of bone morphogenetic proteins in fracture healing. Int Orthop 2011; 35(9):1271-80.

Last edited on: 25 October 2013
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