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Prof Masja (M) de Haas MD PhD

Experimental Immunohematology

MD, University of Amsterdam


'Fcy receptor type III and its soluble forms'
1995 - University of Amsterdam

Research interests

Blood group antigens and allo-and autoimmune responses against blood cells. The aim of my research is to translate new knowledge into better prevention of alloimmunisation in blood recipients and pregnant women and in the care of patients with allo-or autoimmune-mediated blood cell destruction.

  • Red cell, platelet and granulocyte serology
  • Blood group genotyping
  • Quantitative PCR
  • Flow cytometry
2015-present Professor of Translational Immunohaematology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden
2015-present Senior researcher at the Dept of Clinical Transfusion Research
2010-present Cluster manager Immunohematology Diagnostics, Sanquin, Amsterdam
2008-2010 Manager of Dept of Immunohaematology Diagnostic Services, Sanquin, Amsterdam
1995-present Senior scientist, Dept of Experimental Immunohematology and of Dept of Immunohematology Diagnostic Services, Sanquin
1994-1995 Scientist, Dept of Experimental Immunohematology, Central Laboratory of Blood transfusion (CLB), Amsterdam
Other professional activities
2011-present Executive Secretary of the Dutch Blood Transfusion Society
2005-2010 Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Dutch Blood Transfusion Society
2002-present Invited member of the Working Party for Rare Blood Donors of the International Society of Blood Transfusion
2004-present Invited member of the Working Party for red cell immunogenetics and blood group terminology of the ISBT Responsible for the KEL allele data base.
1998-present Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Symposium of Platelet and Granulocyte Immunonobiology
2008-present Invited member of the advisory committee of health-care professionals concerning the nation-wide programme for Prevention and Screening for Infectious diseases and Erytrocyte immunisation (PSIE) in pregnancy of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
Sanquin publications
Other publications
Inaugural lecture (in Dutch)
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