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Mart (MP) Janssen PhD

Transfusion Technology Assessment

Mechanical Engineering


'Modelling Blood Safety'
2010 - University of Utrecht

Research interests

Applied mathematical/statistical modeling and decision making, with a special interest in value of information analysis, expert opinion assessment, Bayesian statistics, data modeling/data-mining and decision analysis.

  • R (open source software for statistical computing)
  • Mathematica
2002-presentResearcher Medical Technology Assessment at the University Medical Center Utrecht
2000-2002Senior Marketing Data Analyst at Claritas Nederland B.V.
1996-1999Senior Risk-analysis Specialist at the Ministry of Traffic and Water
1996-1997Part-time teacher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences
1994-1996Risk Management Consultant at the UK Atomic Energy Authority
1991-1993Risk and Reliability consultant at KEMA
1989-1990Project Engineer at ACT Electricity & Water
Sanquin publications
Other publications


Helsper CW, Borkent-Raven BA, de Wit NJ, van Essen GA, Bonten MJ, Hoepelman AI, Janssen MP, de Wit GA. Cost-effectiveness of targeted screening for hepatitis C in The Netherlands. Epidemiol Infect 2012; 140(1):58-69.

Fischer K, Pouw ME, Lewandowski D, Janssen MP, van den Berg HM, van Hout BA. A modeling approach to evaluate long-term outcome of prophylactic and on demand treatment strategies for severe hemophilia A. Haematologica 2011; 96(5):738-43.

Janssen MP; Modelling Blood Safety (PhD Thesis). ISBN 978-90-393-5401-8 (pdf). Utrecht, The Netherlands: 2010.

Van Vlerken LG, Van Soest H, Janssen MP, Boland GJ, Drenth JP, Burger DM, Siersema PD, Van Erpecum KJ. Suboptimal endogenous erythropoietin response in chronic hepatitis C patients during ribavirin and PEG interferon treatment. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol 2010; 22(11):1308-15.

Janssen MP
, Koffijberg H. Enhancing Value of Information Analyses. Value Health 2009; 12(6):935-41.

Van Geloven N, Cator EA, LopuhaƤ HP, Janssen MP. Regression analysis on serial dilution data from virus validation robustness studies. Statistica Neerlandica 2009; 63(3):245-57.

Janssen MP
, de Borst GJ, Mali WP, Kappelle LJ, Moll FL, Ackerstaff RG, Rothwell PM, Brown MM, van Sambeek MR, Buskens E. Carotid stenting versus carotid endarterectomy: evidence basis and cost implications. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg 2008; 36(3):258-64.

Willems A, Janssen MP, Verstegen CP, Bedford T. Expert quantification of uncertainties in a risk analysis for an infrastructure project. Journal of Risk Research. 2005; 8(1):3-17.

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