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Marlijn (MPA) Verwimp-Hoeks MD

Clinical Transfusion Research


Research interests

Red blood cell use and deleterious effects of secondary iron overload in hemato-oncology patients.

2015-present PhD student at the Dept of Clinical Transfusion Research, Sanquin Research
2013-2015 Fellowship hematology, Radboud university medical center
2009-2013 Resident internal medicine, Radboud university medical center Nijmegen/TweeSteden ziekenhuis Tilburg
2008-2009 Post graduate house officer, internal medicine Radboud university medical center
2002-2008 Medicine, Radboud University Nijmegen
Sanquin publications
Other publications

Verwimp-Hoeks MP, van Herpen CM, Burger DM. Aprepitant quetiapine: a clinically significant drug interaction in a patient treated for head and neck cancer. Ann Oncol 2012; 23(3):801-2.

Hoeks MP, Drenth JP. Geelzucht na een pijnlijke voet. Lever 2009; 33(4):10-1. Case-report in Dutch about vanishing bile duct syndrome after using flucloxacillin.

Hoeks MP, den Heijer M, Janssen MC. Adult issues in phenylketonuria. Neth J Med 2009; 67(1):2-7.

Last edited on: 22 April 2016
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