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Leo (LMG) van de Watering MD PhD

Clinical Transfusion Research
Research interests
  • Clinical research methodology
  • Evidence based medicine and (adverse) effects of blood component transfusions
  • Leukocyte depletion and storage (time) of blood products

Clinical trails (randomised controlled; meta-analyses and observational studies)

2011-present Vox Sanquins, editorial board
2010-present Scientific Member BEST collaborative (www-link)– Clinical Studies team
2006-2010Associate Scientific Member BEST collaborative – Clinical Studies team
2004-presentSenior-investigator at Dept Clinical Transfusion Research, Sanquin Research
2001-present Member of hospital blood transfusion committees
2001-2004Clinical investigator, Sanquin Blood Bank South West Region
1998-2001Clinical investigator, Blood Bank Leiden - Haaglanden
1995-1998Clinical investigator, Blood Bank Leidsenhage
1994-present LUMC, Dept ImmunoHematology and Blood transfusion (0-uren contract)
1991-1995Clinical trial coordinator, Blood Bank Leiden
1990-1994Research-physician, LUMC, Dept. Surgery
1989-1991Researcher/physician, study into factors influencing the stability of oral anticoagulant therapy, Thrombosis Services, the Hague (SRTG e.o.)
Sanquin publications
Other publications

HMJ Haerkens, LMG van de Watering, JCSM Frensen. Factoren van invloed op de stabiliteit van antistollingstherapie. Tijdschrift voor sociale gezondheidszorg 1991; 69(8).

Last edited on: 3 February 2014
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