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Joke (JM) Koelewijn PhD

Experimental Immunohematology

Midwifery, health care policy and management


Detection and Prevention of Pregnancy Immunization; the OPZI-study

Research interests

Maternal alloimmunization in pregnancy.
My epidemiological research is focused on prevention, detection and monitoring/treatment of maternal alloimmunization.
I am studying the effects of anti-D immunoglobulin prophylaxis: the effects on the prevention of RhD-immunization, but also on the severity of Haemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn (HDFN) in women who have developed RhD-antibodies despite anti-D prophylaxis. Also risk factors for RhD-immunization will be studied.
In the past I have studied the maternal alloimmunization by non-RhD antibodies: prevalence, risk for HDFN, risk factors for non-RhD alloimmunization, the predictive value of laboratory tests and the attitude of pregnant women towards the national screening programme for red blood cell antibodies. Future research on non-RhD immunization will focus on the predictive value of laboratory tests used in the monitoring of pregnancies, complicated by K-antibodies.

2014-present Post-doc researcher at Sanquin Research/Sanquin Diagnostic Services
2009 PhD thesis: Detection and Prevention of Pregnancy Immunization; the OPZI-study
2009-2014 Lecturer Master of Science Midwifery, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam
2007-present Lecturer Dept of General Practice University Medical Centre Groningen
2001-2007 PhD student Sanquin Research/Sanquin Diagnostic Services + Department of Public Health, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam
1994-2001 Lecturer Midwifery Academy, Rotterdam
1990-1998 Health Care Policy and Management, Erasmus University, Amsterdam
1975-1993 Independent midwife in Dordrecht
Sanquin publications
Other publications

Tebbe BB, Terluin B, Koelewijn JM. Assessing psychological health in midwifery practice: a validation study of the Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ), a Dutch primary care instrument. Midwifery 2013; 29(6):608-15.

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