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Jo (JC) Wiersum-Osselton

Clinical Transfusion Research


Research interests

Blood donor complications, peripheral blood stem cell donation, donor-related aspects of rejected blood components

1996-presentBlood bank donor physician (part time)
2002-presentPart time appointment at TRIP (Transfusion Reactions in Patients) Dutch National Hemovigilance Office, national coordinator 
2000Registration as specialist in community medicine
1990-1995Primary health care, Conakry, Republic of Guinea
1981-1988Posts in UK: Accident and Emergency, General Medicine, Dermatology
1974-1981Medicine, Leiden University
Sanquin publications
Other publications

Wiersum-Osselton JC, Schipperus M. Response to the International Forum on Haemovigilance. Vox Sanguinis 2006; 91:278-9 (letter).

Wiersum-Osselton JC, Schipperus MR. [Transfusion reactions in patients: haemovigilance reports to the Dutch National Haemovigilance Office in 2003]. Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 2005; 149(47):2622-7. Dutch.

Wiersum-Osselton JC. Kwaliteitsborging van bloedbankkeuringen: validatie van een observatiemethode. Afstudeerscriptie sociale geneeskunde, N.S.P.H, 2000. Utrecht.

Brown AK, Wiersum JC, Anderson V. QT interval: predictor of the plasma and myocardial concentrations of amiodarone. Br Heart J 1984; 52(2):240.

Rietveld WJ, Marani E, Osselton JC. Timing of the estrous cycle in rats. Endogenous peroxidase activity in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus as a tool in circuit analysis. Prog Clin Biol Res 1981; 59C(00):213-21.

Osselton JC, Rietveld WJ and Marani E. Effect of castration on hypothalamic catalase displacement in prepuberal rats. IRCS Medical Science 1980; 8:584-5.

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