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Jean-Louis (JLH) Kerkhoffs MD PhD

Clinical Transfusion Research



6 May 2012,  'Efficacy of platelet transfusions', University of Leiden.
Promotores: Prof A Brand MD PhD and prof HCJ Eikenboom MD PhD

Research interests

Platelets, Sickle cell disease, Therapeutic aphaeresis


Clinical Trials

2006 and 2009GCP Training
2007Registration as Transfusion Specialist
2004Registration as Hematologist
2003Internal Medicine Registration
1985-1994Medicine, Leiden University
Sanquin publications
Other publications

Kerkhoffs JLH. Te PAS en te onPAS: Toepassing en Klinische effectiviteit van bloedplaatjes bewaard in synthetische bewaarmedia. Ned Tijdschr Hematol 2007; 4:23-25.

Kerkhoffs JLH, van Egmond LJM, Muradin JAG, Wijermans PW. Red Blood cell exchange procedures in patients with sickle cell disease: an eight year experience and a proposal for estimating Hbs Post Exchange. Abstract Clin J Apher, ASFA congres 2006.

Kerkhoffs JLH, Atsma DE, Oemrawsingh PV, Eikenboom HCJ, Van der Meer FJM. Acute myocardial infarction during substitution with recombinant factor VIII concentrate in a patient with mild haemophilia A. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2004; 92(2):425-6.

Kerkhoffs JLH, Harteveld CL, Wijerman, P, van Delft P, Haak HL, Bernini LF, Giordano PC. Very Mild Pathology in a Case of Hb S/beta0-Thalassemia in Combination with a Homozygosity for the - Thalassemia 3.7 kb Deletion. Hemoglobin 2000; 24(3):259-63.

Kerkhoffs JLH, De Water R, Hartwig NG, Van Iperen L, Vermeij-Keers Chr. The ectodermal cells of the limb bud: Source of the mesodermal compartment. Teratology 1991; 44(2):32.

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