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Prof Jaap Jan (JJ) Zwaginga MD PhD

Clinical Transfusion Research

Internal Medicine, Haematology and Transfusion Medicine

Research interests

Regenerative and immunomodulatory cell therapies e.g. dendritic cells, natural killer cells and mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow, fat and umbilical cords. Evidence based transfusion medicine with a focus on a. transfusion mediated improvement of hemostasis e.g. in massive blood loss or chemoradiotherapy induced thrombocytopenia and vascular damage and b. immunomodulatory effects by transfusions like alloimmunisation.

2013-presentProf of Blood transfusion medicine, LUMC
2011-presentHead of the Blood transfusion Laboratory, LUMC
2010-2013Member of the successful Bid-committee for and member of the Local Organisation Committee of the Regional ISBT congress 2013 in the RAI Amsterdam
2010-presentMember and 2011 chairman LUMC Blood transfusion Board
2010-presentMember LUMC Steering Group for the Concentration of Laboratories (div IV)
2009-presentHead of the IHB Clinical Service for Blood transfusion and Cell therapy
2009-presentStaff member Dept. Clinical Transfusion Research, Sanquin Research
2009-presentChairman of the Dutch Society for Blood transfusion (NVB)
2008-2010Responsible for module 4 and 6 (CBO) guidelines on Blood transfusion
2007-presentHead of the Centre for Stem cell Therapy, LUMC
2007-2009Board member Dutch Society for Bloodtransfusion (NVB)
2006-presentClinical JACIE inspector
2006-presentBoard member VHL (Society for Hematologic laboratories) 2011: treasurer
2005-presentStaff member/ haematologist Dept Immunohaematology and Blood transfusion of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), Leiden
2003-2005Member Study Group on cellular immune therapy: Council of Europe, Program director of the stem cell transplantation group of the Academical Medical Center, IKA haematology consultant Spaarne Hospital, Hoofdorp
2003-presentChairman (2004-2007)/member ISTH SSC for Biorheology
2001-2009Staff member Dept Experimental Immunohematology (head prof E van der Schoot PhD) and Molecular Cell Biology (head P Hordijk PhD) of Sanquin, Amsterdam
2001-presentClinical consultant of the Red and White blood cell serology reference laboratories of Sanquin Amsterdam (head M de Haas PhD)
Sanquin publications
Last edited on: 18 October 2016
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