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Femmeke (FJ) Prinsze PhD

Donor Studies
1986 MSc Medical Biology, University of Amsterdam. Major: (Neuro)electrophysiology (10 months); Anatomy & Embryology (5 months); Electron microscopy and Molecular Cytology (5 months)
1983 Bachelor Biology, University of Amsterdam

'Cellular aspects of overdrive suppression in the sinoatrial node', 1993, University of Amsterdam, Promotor Prof LN Bouman MD PhD

Research interests

Epidemiology; Emerging infectious diseases; Communicable diseases;Disease transmission; Substances of human origin; Economic evaluations; Decision making; Statistical analysis; Meta-analysis; International comparison of data; Risk analysis and adjustment.

2013-present Post doc, Sanquin Research, Dept. Donor Studies
2013 Research fellow, International Society of Blood Transfusion
2012-present Owner, Prinsze-exact: Quantitative research and statistics for life sciences, health and welfare
2009-2011 Post doc, Sanquin Research, Dept. Blood-borne Infections
2002-2006 Post doc, Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
1999-2002 Staff member, National Institute for Social (Employee) Insurance (UWV)
1995-1998 Post doc, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
1994 Research fellow, Department of (Neuro)Pathology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
1987-1993 PhD student, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Amsterdam
Sanquin publications
Other publications

Scientific Papers
Paolucci F, Prinsze F, Stam PJ, van de Ven WP. The potential premium range of risk-rating in competitive markets for supplementary health insurance. Int J Health Care Finance Econ 2009; 9(3):243–58.

Prinsze FJ, van Vliet RC. Health-based Risk Adjustment: improving the Pharmacybased Cost group model by adding Diagnostic Cost Groups. Inquiry Winter 2007/2008; 44(4):469-80.

Steenstra IA, Verbeek JH, Prinsze FJ, Knol DL. Changes in the incidence of occupational disability as a result of back and neck pain in the Netherlands. BMC Public Health 2006;6:190.

Van de Ven WPMM, Prinsze FJ, de Bruijn D, Schut FT. Nieuw zorgstelsel vereist betere risicoverevening. ESB 2005: 90(4460):223-5.

Prinsze FJ, van Vliet RCJA. Verbetering verdeelmodel voor normuitkeringen aan ziekenfondsen met Diagnose Kosten Groepen. TSG 2005; 2:96-102.

Prinsze F. Tuberculose in de landen van de Europese Unie. Inf Bull 1997; 8(2): 25-27.

Prinsze FJ, Bouman LN. The cellular basis of intrinsic sinus node recovery time. Cardiovasc Res 1991; 25(7):546-57.

Van Ginneken A, Duivenvoorde AJ, Prinsze F, Bouman LN. Effects of UL-FS 49 on sinoatrial node activity. Progress in Pharmacol Res 1991; 1:63-8.

Professional publications
Paolucci F, Prinsze FJ, Stam PJA, van de Ven WPMM. Solidarity in competitive markets for supplementary health insurance: an empirical analysis. HEDG Working Paper 06/02. March 2006. ISSN 1751-1976.

Prinsze FJ, Achterberg PW. De Nederlandse volksgezondheid in internationaal perspectief. In: I.A.M. Maas, R. Gijsen, I.E. Lobbezoo, M.J.J.C. Poos. Volksgezondheid Toekomst Verkenning 1997.deel I. De gezondheidstoestand: een actualisering. RIVM. Elsevier / De Tijdstroom, 1997 Hoofdstuk 4.4 pagina 821-841.

Prinsze FJ, Achterberg PW, Wijgergangs LM. Europa en het public health beleid; met speciale aandacht voor infectieziekten. RIVM-rapport 432504 002; juli 1996.

Prinsze FJ. Tuberculose in de landen van de Europese Unie. De Keurmeester 1997; 88(3):19-20.

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