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Dirk (D) de Korte PhD

Blood Cell Research



'Ribonucleotide metabolism of leukemic cells'
1987 - University of Amsterdam

Research interests

Quality and safety of cellular blood products (red cell concentrates, platelet concentrates) isolated from whole blood or by apheresis. Research on improved storage of erythrocytes and platelets, supported by studies of cell metabolism. Development and evaluation of methods for pathogen inactivation in cellular products. Process improvement and development, evaluation of new products in production department of Blood Bank. Improvement of disposables and equipment used in the Blood Bank process.

  • HPLC Analysis of metabolites, in particular nucleotides, nucleosides and bases
  • Flow cytometric assays
  • Enzymatic determinations of metabolites
  • Devices for blood component preparation
2008-presentSenior investigator Blood Transfusion Technology Laboratory, Dept of Blood Cell Research
2007-presentManager Product and Process Development, Sanquin Blood Bank
2005-2008Head Blood Transfusion Technology Laboratory, Dept of Blood Cell Research
2002-2003Sabbatical leave: Bonfils Blood Center, Denver, work on pathogen inactivation methods for platelet concentrates and cold storage of platelets
1997-2004Head Blood Transfusion Technology, Dept of Transfusion Technology
1991-1996Senior Investigator in the Dept of Tranfusion Technology 
1986-1990Post-doc at the Dept of Blood Cell Chemistry
Other professional activities
2014-present Scientific Member BEST Collaborative, Conventional Components team
2014-present Member Scientific Advisory Board Australian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service
2014-present Representative for the Netherlands in the GTS Working Group for the yearly update of the Guide to the preparation, use and quality assurance of blood components (EDQM), Council of Europe
2013-present Scientific member of ISBT Working Party Transfusion Transmitted Infections, subgroup Bacteria
2011-present Chair Technical Committee EBA European Procurement Group
2010-2014 Associate Scientific Member BEST Collaborative, Conventional Components team
2009-present Advisory member UK Standard Advisory Committee Blood Components (SACBC)
2006-present Member of working party to maintain URS for Eurobloodpack (EBA)
2005-present Lecturer HAN course Blood Bank Knowledge (‘Bloedbankkunde’)
1988-present Reviewer for various journals, e.g. Transfusion, Vox Sanguinis, Transfusion Medicin etc.
Sanquin publications
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