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Cynthia (C) So-Osman MD PhD

Clinical Transfusion Research

Medicine, specialisation: Internal medicine, subspecialisation: Haematology and Transfusion Medicine


Patient Blood Management in Elective Orthopaedic Surgery
31 October 2012, Leiden University

Research interests

Clinical Transfusion Medicine, Blood management, blood saving techniques, evidence based medicine


Conducting clinical trials to support evidence for optimal blood use

2001-present Staff member at Dept of Clinical Transfusion Research, Sanquin Research, Leiden
1. Dept Research and Development: blood management studies (e.g. in Orthopaedic Surgery), study investigator and coordinator of Transfusion Op Maat (TOMaat) study (2003-2009)
2. Dept Clinical Consultancy Services: Clinical Consultant in Transfusion Medicine
2008 Master of Science (MSc) in Epidemiology (VUMC, Amsterdam)
2000-2001 Subspecialty training in Transfusion Medicine (Leiden University Medical Center and Sanquin Blood Supply, South West Region, Leiden location, NL)
1998-1999 Subspecialty training in Haematology (Rotterdam, NL)
1990-1998 Specialty training in Internal Medicine (Rotterdam, NL)
1990 MD
Sanquin publications
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