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Coert (C) Margadant PhD

Molecular Cell Biology

Molecular Cell Biology

Research interests

Integrins are cell-surface receptors that are pivotal for human health, and defects in integrins or integrin-associated proteins underlie a variety of pathological conditions including skin blistering, kidney failure, fibrosis, cancer, immunodeficiency, and bleeding disorders. It is therefore essential to tightly control integrin expression and activation, as well as their dynamic regulation by endo-exocytic shuttling (trafficking). My research focuses on how integrin function is regulated, and how the transport machinery of the cell coordinates trafficking of integrins and other cell-surface receptors to dictate cell behaviour.

  • Live-cell microscopy
  • Cell biological and biochemical techniques
After obtaining my degree in Molecular Cell Biology from Utrecht University, I have been working at several laboratories including Cell Biology (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research (Utrecht, The Netherlands), the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research (Glasgow, UK), and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). I received my PhD-degree (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam for my work on integrin function and trafficking. 
Sanquin publications
Other publications

Gautrot JE, Malmström J, Sundh M, Margadant C, Sonnenberg A, Sutherland DS.The nanoscale geometrical maturation of focal adhesions controls stem cell differentiation and mechanotransduction. Nano Lett 2014; 14(7):3945-52.

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Nicolaou N*, Margadant C*, Kevelam SH, Lilien MR, Oosterveld MJS, Kreft M, van Eerde AM, Pfundt R, Terhal PA, van der Zwaag B, Nikkels PGJ, Sachs N, Goldschmeding R, Knoers NV, Renkema KY, Sonnenberg A. Gain-of-glycosylation in integrin a3b1 causes lung disease and nephrotic syndrome. J Clin Invest 2012; 122(12):4375-87.

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van Opstal A, Bijvelt JJ, Margadant C, Boonstra J. Role of signal transduction and actin in G1 phase progression. Adv Enzyme Regul 2005; 45:186-200.

*equal contribution

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