Theses 2013

PhD student Date Thesis
Daniël Lam 1 March 2013 Ready, Set? Go! Microscopy and Image Analysis of Cell Signalling in Cell Migration
Jo Wiersum-Osselton 19 March 2013 Hemovigilance: is it making a difference to safety in the transfusion chain?
Theresa Guhr 3 April 2013 Intravenous immunoglobulin G (IVIg): Properties of
dimeric and sialylated IgG
Lotte van de Stadt 24 April 2013 Development of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Preclinical Biomarkers and Prediction
Younes Zoughlami 25 April 2013 New Dimensions in CXCR4 and Rac1 regulation
Aleksandra Wroblewska 24 May 2013 Molecular determinants of FVIII immunogenicity in hemophilia A
Chantal Khodabux  28 May 2013 Anemia of prematurity: time for a change in transfusion management?
Esther Bloem 29 May 2013 Functional regions in coagulation factor VIII explored by mass spectrometry
Saurabh Zalpuri 11 June 2013 R-FACT Study: Risk Factors for Alloimmunization after red blood Cell Transfusions. Methodology, Risk Factors and Challenges in transfusion medicine research
Bernard Natukunda 11 June 2013 Post-transfusion and maternal red blood cell alloimmunization in Uganda
Mireille Baart 25 June 2013 Prediction models for hemoglobin deferral in whole blood donors
Edith van de Vijver  27 June 2013  Kindlin-3 in hematopoietic integrin activation: absence in Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency type III
Ilse Timmerman 3 July 2013 Dynamic control of VE-cadherin-based junctions
Melania Balzarolo 4 September 2013 On the TRAIL of innate immune responses. Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells and beyond
Nicoletta Sorvillo 6 September 2013 Acquired TTP: ADAMTS13 meets the immune system
Sten Libregts 26 September 2013 Immune Activation and Lineage Fate Decisions: Inducing a Shift of Program
Lonneke Haer-Wigman 3 December 2013 Genetic basis of rare blood group variants
Anne van Dongen 9 December 2013 Retention of new blood donors. Implications for interventions
Bieuwke Dragt 29 December 2013 Unraveling von Willebrand factor extracellular traps


Eternal theses

Student Date  Thesis Promotor(es) University
Charlottte Krieckaert 25 September 2013 Pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity of TNF-inhibitors. Towards optimised treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Promotor: Prof WF Lems PhD
Copromotores: MT Nurmohamed PhD and GJ Wolbink PhD

Free University Amsterdam
Anna Jamnitski 8 November 2013 Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Important aspects for daily clinical practice Promotor: Prof BAC Dijkmans PhD and prof WF Lems PhD
Copromotores: MT Nurmohamed PhD and GJ Wolbink PhD
Free University Amsterdam



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