Theses 2011

PhD student Date Thesis
Simon van Haren 22 December 2011 Immune recognition and processing of blood coagulation factor VIII by antigen-presenting cells
Jos van Rijssel 21 December 2011 Docking onto the endothelium - Trio directs leukocyte extravasation
Marijke Maijenburg 12 October 2011 Characterization of human mesenchymal stromal cell heterogeneity
Yavuz Bilgin 28 September 2011 Transfusion-associated complications in cardiac surgery: the ‘swan song’ of the allogeneic leukocytes?
Eveline Bouwens 31 August 2011 Factor VIII and von Willebrand factor co-delivery by endothelial cells
Henriët Meems 31 August 2011 New insight into the C1 domain of coagulation factor VIII
Sebastiaan Bol 7 July 2011 Host genetic effects on HIV-1 replication in macrophages
Daniëlle van Manen 24 June 2011 The Influence of Host Genetic Factors on HIV-1 Infection
Janine Stutterheim 16 June 2011 Minimal residual disease detection and monitoring in children with neuroblastoma
Ineke Rood 7 April 2011 Detection And Origin Of Bacteria In Platelet Concentrates
Marit van Gils 1 April 2011 Cross-reactive neutralizing humoral immunity in HIV-1 disease: Dynamics of host-pathogen interactions
Diana Edo Matas 21 January 2011 Within-host HIV-1 evolution in relation to viral coreceptor use and host environment
Rutger Middelburg 19 January 2011 Transfusion-related acute lung injury. Etiological research and its methodological challenges
Micha Nethe 14 January 2011 Rac1 meets ubiquitin. New insights in Rac1 signalling


Theses external PhD students

PhD student Date Thesis Promotor(es) University
Berber Piet 6 December 2011 Lymphocytes in the frontline. Local human T cells facing the challenges of the lung environment’
Promotor: Prof RAW van Lier
Promotor: Prof RAW van Lier
Co-promotor: R Jonkers PhD
University of Amsterdam
Jeanette von Lindern 27 October 2011 Neonatal Transfusion Practices Promotor: Prof FJ Walther en prof A Brand
Co-promotor: E Lopriore PhD
University of Leiden
Bart Takkenberg 9 September 2011 Markers of Response in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients Treated with a Combination of Peginterferon-alfa 2a and Adefovir Dipivoxil Promotor: Prof PLM Jansen and prof HL Zaaijer University of Amsterdam
Joao Bosco de Oliveira Filho 5 May 2011 Understanding Human Immunology through the study of primary immune deficiency disorders Promotor: Prof RAW van Lier
Co-promotor: Prof TA Fleisher
University of Amsterdam
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