Theses 2010

PhD student Date Thesis
Isaac Kajja 8 December 2010 The Current Hospital Transfusion Practices and Procedures in Uganda'
Barbara Borkent-Raven 9 November 2010 The PROTON  Study – profiles of transfusion recipients in The Netherlands
Wouter Pos 29 October 2010 Characterization of human antibodies against ADAMTS13 that develop in patients with acquired TTP
Mart Janssen 19 October 2010 Modelling Blood Safety
Willemijn Breunis 14 September 2010 Inflammation @ the heart of Kawasaki Disease. Immunogenetic studies on etiology, pathophysiology and treatment effect
Fabian Stavenuiter 23 June 2010 Factor Seven Activating Protease: in Search of a Physiological Role
Agata Drewniak 1 June 2010 Supplying the demand for granylocytes: Function and gene expression profile of mobilized neutrophils
Laurence Trannoy 12 May 2010 Pathogen inactivation in cellular blood products by photodynamic treatment
Andrea Rachinger 16 April 2010 Hiv-1 Superinfection In Homosexual Men
Evelien Bunnik 5 March 2010 HIV-1 neutralizing humoral immunity, viral evolution and disease progression
Bas Zwart 30 March 2010 Processing of apoptotic cells in health and systemic autoimmune disease
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