Theses 2009

PhD student Date Thesis
Yuri Souwer 1 December 2009 MHC class II antigen presentation by B cells in health and disease
Robert Kikkert 29 September 2009 Toll-like Receptors: Tools, Assays, and Implications for in-vitro Pyrogen Tests
Marloes Waanders 22 September 2009 Clinical and immunological aspects of pretransplant blood transfusions
Maarten Rits 23 June 2009 Cellular factors involved in HIV-1 replication
Wouter Bos 15 May 2009 Towards primary prevention of rheumatoid arthritis: autoantibodies in the (pre) clinical phase
Karin Lemmens 20 March 2009 The systematic recruitment of new blood donors
Ellen van Beek 13 March 2009 Signal regulatory protein alpha in phagocyte function
Marjon Navis 6 March 2009 Cellular immunity driving HIV-1 evolution
Bram van Raam 20 January 2009 Mitochondria in Neutrophil Apoptosis
Joke Koelewijn 14 January 2009 Detection and Prevention of Pregnancy Immunisation. The OPZI study
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