Theses 2007

PhD student Date Thesis
Wilfried Levering 24 October 2007 External quality assessment in flow cytometry: educational aspects and trends towards improvements
Ruben Bierings 17 October 2007 Sorting out the Weibel-Palade body
Niubel Diaz Padilla 13 September 2007 Role of IgM and C-reactive protein in Ischemia reperfusion injury
Pauline van Helden 3 July 2007 Immune tolerance induction in Hemophilia A
Sandra Cauwenberghs 20 June 2007 Platelet responsiveness and function during storage (implications for platelet transfusion therapy)
Fokke Terpstra 19 June 2007 Viral Safety of Blood and Plasma products
Maarten Biezeveld 28 March 2007 Genes and Proteins in Kawasaki Disease
Esther Quakkelaar 23 March 2007 Antibody neutralization of HIV-1
Magdalena Lorenowicz 8 March 2007 Beyond the Borders: Signaling in Cell Adhesion and Migration
Nienke Vrisekoop 1 March 2007 T-cell dynamicx in healthy and HIV-infected individuals
Sacha Zeerleder 1 February 2007 Studies on inflammatory and coagulation pathways in humans with sepsis
Gerard Jansen 11 January 2007 Evidence based studies in clinical transfusion medicine
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