Theses 2005

PhD student Date Thesis
Jaap Akkerdaas 2 November 2005 Identification and Quantification of Hazelnut Allergens
Caroline Fribourg 28 October 2005 Catalytic function of blood coagulation factor IX
Paula da Costa Martins 26 October 2005 Biology of monocyte interactions with the endothelium - the platelet factor -
Edwin van Mirre 20 October 2005 Novel insights in Human Fcγ-receptors and IgG: on genes, transcripts and functional interactions
Christine Jansen 13 May 2005 Analysis of HIV-specific T-cell immunity in AIDS-pathogenesis
Atoosa Familian 15 April 2005 Studies on pentraxin mediated complement activation
Erwan Piriou 31 March 2005 Viro-immunology of EBV-HIV co-infection
Corine Bronke 24 March 2005 Cytomegalovirus-specific T-cell dynamics in HIV infection
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