Mart Janssen PhD

Research group Transfusion Technology Assessment

Joint Sanquin - Julius Center Transfusion Technology Assessment Unit

The Transfusion Technology Assessment (TTA) unit, established in 2003, is an ongoing collaboration of Sanquin with the Medical Technology Assessment Department of the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care at Utrecht University. The unit was installed with the mission to provide scientific evidence to support informed decision making by Sanquin management and national and international policymakers based on statistical and mathematical modeling.

Research lines

Profiles of Transfusion Recipients
Modeling Infections in the Transfusion Chain (MITCH-study)
Risk modeling for plasma-derived medicinal products Methodological studies
Council of Europe Reporting on the collection, testing and use of blood and blood components in Europe



Mart Janssen
Research group Transfusion Technology Assessment
Last edited on: 20 July 2016