DIS-III: data collection started!

170x145-Donor-Insight-bloodNovember 2015

Data collection for Donor InSight: genetic variation (DIS-III), has started! This follow-up of DIS aims at gaining insight into genetic factors associated with declining versus stable haemoglobin levels and into the health effects of iron deficiency in blood donors.

Frequent blood donations carry the risk of iron depletion and subsequent Hb level decrease. Donors differ largely in Hb levels and Hb level recovery, which results in different Hb trajectories. Several factors including sex, age, and season are known to influence Hb levels and have been combined with other factors (like previous Hb levels and number of donations) to predict Hb deferral in blood donors. Still, a good explanation for the different Hb trajectories between donors is lacking. Genetic factors may play a role, however this has never been studied.

We aim to include 3,000 Dutch blood donors who already participated in DIS-I and/or -II and of whom the Hb level of their first screening is known. Two groups of 1,000 donors who represent declining and stable Hb levels based on latent class growth analyses will be included in the study. A third, randomly selected group (n=1,000) will be included to enable analyses on a representative sample of the Dutch donor population.

In DIS-III the following measurements will be performed:

DIS-III will increase the knowledge on genetic factors distinguishing donors with different Hb trajectories after repeated blood donations. Eventually this knowledge will help selecting donor subpopulations and tailor their donation intervals in order to prevent iron depletion.

Last edited on: 2 November 2015