Newsletter 1

Donor InSight Newsletter 1

Two rounds of DIS have given insight into the healthy donor effect, have shown that men were less likely to report vasovagal reactions, but less likely to return for donation if they did. Many more questions are answered and can be answered using these data.

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The members of the research team:
Prof Wim de Kort MD PhD
Wim de Kort, professor by special appointment of Donor Medicine at the Department of Public Health of the Academic Medical Center, is one of the initiators of Donor InSight. He is head of the Research Department of Donor Studies and director of Donor Services at Sanquin Blood Supply.
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Katja van den Hurk PhD
Katja van den Hurk joined the team in March 2013. She has a background in cardiovascular and diabetes epidemiology and cohort studies. Her focus within the Department of Donor Studies and DIS is on health effects of donation, donor selection and donor characteristics.
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Eva-Maria Merz PhD
Eva-Maria Merz joined the team in April 2014. Her background is in Sociology and Psychology. Within the Department of Donor Studies, she focuses on donor motivation, donor recruitment and donor retention.
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Femmeke Prinsze PhD
Femmeke Prinsze graduated as a (medical) biologist and did her PhD at the physiology department of the Medical Faculty. She worked at different (research) institutions in the (public) health and welfare sectors. The common denominator of all positions is organizing available data and (statistical) analyses.
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  Would you like to collaborate with us using DIS data? Let us know by submitting the proposal for analyses form and we will contact you.  

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