Donor InSight-III SNP array

donor-insight-III-SNP-arrayDecember 2016

The DIS DNA samples will be analysed using the UK Biobank Axiom® Array (Affymetrix, CA, USA). Results are expected in 2017 and give us and collaborating researchers the opportunity to answer new research questions. We mainly focus on SNPs related to iron and hemoglobin, but there are so many more possibilities with this array.

The UK Biobank Axiom® Array was designed by the UK Biobank Array Design Group and contains 820,967 SNP and InDel markers. The array consists of markers of specific interest, rare coding variants and genome-wide coverage. These markers will be analysed in approximately 3,000 DIS-III donors, resulting in a lot of information and offering many possibilities for research.

By the end of this year we will have approximately 3,000 blood samples from the DIS-III study ready for the SNP analyses. The main aim of DIS-III is to investigate associations of genetic factors with trajectories of hemoglobin levels in repeat blood donors. Besides blood phenotype markers, the array contains many other markers. Information on these other markers will also become available next year and can be used for different research purposes. For example, to study the association between Alzheimer’s disease and blood donation, to study the association between iron indices and autoimmune/inflammatory disorders or to study the association between blood donation and cancer common variants. Please contact us, or visit the website of the UK Biobank Axiom® Array for more information on the exact markers.

Last edited on: 8 December 2016