Transfusion monitoring

Project leader: Martin Smid MD PhD

Therapeutic Apheresis

Sanquin performs therapeutic plasma apheresis and stem cell collection in a number of hospitals. A large number is done for the Department of Nephrology of the UMCG. To add to improvement of performance and define indications, the method used to estimate the plasma volume was evaluated, as was the indication for plasma apheresis in atypical HUS.
Further, the effect of therapeutic apheresis in therapy resistant ANCA associated vasculitis was evaluated. 

Clinical project: enhancing quality of autologous stem cell products in cooperation with UMCG’s Department of Hematology

This project aims at enhancing the quality and quantity of stem cells in autologous transplants and was executed with financial support from Tekke Huizinga Fonds. Over the years Sanquin performed stem cell collection and processed the autologous products, executed in close cooperation with the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) which treats and transplants the patients.

Project leader: Margriet Dijkstra-Tiekstra PhD

Donor Characteristics versus Patient Characteristics

In this study donor data (age, gender, blood group and Hemoglobine before donation) were coupled to transfusion data (red cells) of the hemoto oncological department of one hospital. It was studied whether these donor data could influence transfusion outcome (delta HB and transfusion interval). It appeared that age and gender of the donor did not influence transfusion, but that donor blood group influenced transfusion interval and HB prior to donation influenced delta HB. In future studies we want to look to data from other hospital departments, data from other hospitals and to a broader donor data set.

Key publications

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Last edited on: 12 September 2014