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Contact person: Roel Melsert MSc

Sanquin Reagents develops a broad range of blood grouping and immunology reagents for laboratories, including several innovative products for diagnostic use and for clinical research. These reagents are available worldwide through a network of distributors, and bulk reagents for manufacturing are supplied directly from Amsterdam.

The Reagents Unit is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and is committed to introduce new products on a continuous basis. New products are the outcome of R&D projects, some of which are executed in close collaboration with departments within Sanquin and/or with other companies and institutions.

Our activities: 


Sanquin Reagents collaborations with The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and the Netherlands Vaccine Institute (NVI) to develop and use new immunotechnological tools for the identification of T-cell epitopes. These technologies can be used in studies to examine T-cell function in viral infections and tumor growth, including vaccine R&D and immunomonitoring in clinical studies of new or existing immunotherapies.

Inventor award

Sanquin Blood Supply and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AVL) were the winners of the 2010 Amsterdam Inventor Award for their inventions addressing ’T-cell Epitope Selection and Monitoring‘.

In a co-operation between the groups of prof. Ton Schumacher (NKI-AVL), dr. Huib Ovaa (NKI-AVL), and dr. Wim van Esch (Sanquin) two new technologies have been developed to address these issues comprising:

  1. A pHLA Exchange Technology that allows production of thousands of different pHLA-I complexes to be used to visualize killer T cells of interest.
  2. A Multiplexed T cell Imaging Technology that allows to simultaneously detection of very many T-cell populations in a single patient sample.


R&D projects

The project portfolio in 2010 consisted of ongoing projects in the fields of blood grouping and immunology reagents.

Development projects started or continued in 2010:


Products and patents

New products

The following new products were commercially introduced in 2010:



Ongoing patent applications:

  1. Cleavable peptides in MHC class I molecules
  2. Multiplex PCR & specific DNA sequences that are used in the blood grouping chip
  3. Detection of antigen-specific T-cell responses.
    New patent application: immunogenic restricted peptides with increased efficacy.


Quality system

Two ISO certificates, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485, are valid until July 2011.

More information may be found on the Sanquin Reagents Home Page

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