Diagnostic Services

Contact person: Nico Vreeswijk

Sanquin Diagnostic Services excels in routine and top-reference specialized testing in the field of blood-related diseases and immune-mediated disorders. The division aims to work according to the highest quality standards in order to function as a diagnostic reference center in the fields mentioned above, in national as well as in international settings. With its fully certified laboratories, Sanquin Diagnostic Services can provide a vast array of both routine and tailor-made diagnostic tests. Sanquin Diagnostic Services is committed to continuous innovation reflected by introduction of new diagnostic tests. New tests are often developed and validated in house, in R&D projects, most of which are carried out in close cooperation with Sanquin Research.

The fields we are actively working on within research and development are immunocytology, immunohematology, biologicals, red blood cells, coagulation, plasma screening, viral diagnostics services and immunogenetics, especially HLA and paternal testing services.


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Last edited on: 14 March 2013