Here you can download (pdf) various protocols.

Note that some protocols are in Dutch. We apologize for the inconvenience. Over time the protocols will all be translated to English.

  1. Rac-1 and CDC42 Activity assay
  2. RhoA Activity assay
  3. GST PBD production
  4. McDowell Fixatief voor SEM
  5. Migratie van leukocyten over Endotheel
  6. Dot Blot (Pierce)
  7. Buffers
  8. GST Protein isolation
  9. Purification VE-Cadherin FC chimera
  10. Adenoviral production in HEK
  11. Transfection HEK for Virus production
  12. Angiogenesis measurement using Image Pro
Last edited on: 10 July 2017