Molecular Cell Biology

PI: Jaap van Buul PhD

Research in the Department of Molecular Cell Biology focuses on the endothelium that lines all blood vessels. We study molecular mechanisms that control cell adhesion and migration and we are particularly interested in the role of the vessel wall in supporting transendothelial migration of activated leukocytes. This process is a key event in inflammation as well as cancer cell metastasis.

We combine high-resolution live-cell imaging (confocal; wide-field) with viral transduction of fluorescent proteins and RhoGTPase biosensors in human endothelium under physiological flow. Additional interests include the integrity of the vascular endothelium, regulation of RhoGTPases and cytoskeletal dynamics, vesicle transport and membrane traffic, and biochemical analysis of adhesion protein complexes.

Group leaders 

  Jaap van Buul 40 pixels group leader Jaap van Buul
  Mar Fernandez-Borja group leader Mar Fernandez-Borja
  Coert Margadant 40 pixels group leader Coert Margadant


Student projects

Within our department, undergraduate students (University master students and HLO trainees) are trained in protein biochemistry, confocal laser scanning microscopy, cell culture, generation and expression of fluorescent proteins and live cell imaging. We have a preference for students working with us for at least 6-9 months. Moreover, we advise students to do their first internship within the university. 

For more information and an overview of the current internships visit the student projects page.

Last edited on: 22 February 2017