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In-house seminar award for Karin van Schie


Karin Van Schie won Sanquin’s in-house seminar award of the academic year 2016-17. The award was presented at the start of the new season on 28 august 2017. Karin’s presentation covered the work of the four years of her PhD project on Biologics at the research group of Theo Rispens. The comments on her presentation were beside “good presentation skills”, “you really master the subject”.

The award is given annually to the best talk of the weekly in-house research seminars and is based on scores by the audience. Next to the certificate, the award allows the winner to visit a foreign lab of her/his choice for three full months to implement specific experimental approaches to her/his studies.


Poster Prize for Peter-Paul Unger

At the joint meeting of the Dutch Society for Immunology (DSI/NVVI) and the British Society for Immunology (BSI), held from the 6th till the 9th of December in Liverpool, Peter-Paul Unger, PhD student in the group of Marieke van Ham, won a poster prize. He presented his data on ‘The consequences of chemokine receptor expression on the in vivo localization of human IgG4 B cells’.   BSI-NVVI Poster Award.w.

Three awards during one conference for the Complement research group

A remarkable accomplishment by the complement research group of Diana Wouters PhD, at the 26th International Complement Workshop held in Kanazawa, Japan, from 4-8 September 2016. All three PhD students attending the ICW received awards for their excellent research contribution. Astrid Thielen was awarded with a competitive NVVI Travel Award to present her research with a poster titled 'Only modest contribution of the amplification loop after classical pathway initiated activation on human cells'. Anna van Beek received a Poster Award from the International Complement Society (ICS) with her poster titled 'Dimerization of Complement Factor H-related (FHR) proteins: FHR-5 forms homodimers whereas FHR-1 and FHR-2 both homodimerize and heterodimerize'. Lastly, Richard Pouw was awarded with a ICS Travel Award for his research which he presented with an oral presentation titled 'Improved complement regulation on host surfaces by a potentiating antibody against complement factor H as a new therapeutic strategy.    Japan 2016 200 pixels

Aegean Conference Travel Award for Richard Pouw

At the 9th International Conference on Complement Therapeutics, held from June 28-3 July 2016 in Rhodes, Greece, 4th-year PhD student Richard Pouw, from the complement research group of Diana Wouters PhD, was awarded with an Aegean Conference Travel Award. The award was given for his work which he presented at the conference with a poster entitled ‘Improved complement regulation by a potentiating antibody against complement factor H as a new therapeutic strategy’.
   Richard Pouw Rhodos

BioLegend Best Presentation Award for Peter-Paul Unger

PhD student Peter-Paul Unger won a BioLegend Best Presentation Award at the World Immune Regulation Meeting X. This meeting was held from 16-19 March 2016 in the mountain-town Davos in Switzerland. He won this award with his presentation entitled ‘Çytokines regulate the priming, recall and homing of human IgG4 B cells’.   Peter-Paul Unger prize

Poster Prize for Astrid Thielen

At the 2nd Dutch Complement Symposium, held on 18 March 2016 in Nunspeet, Astrid Thielen, PhD student in the group of Diana Wouters won the poster prize. She presented her data on ‘Only modest contribution of the amplification loop after classical pathway initiated activation on human cells’.
  Astrid Thielen award 2016

Marlieke Jongsma wins In-house seminar prize

On Monday 31 August 2015, the annual Sanquin Research price was awarded to Marlieke Jongsma from the group of Robbert Spaapen, Dept of Immunopathology. Her work was graded by her colleagues as 'excellent research' and 'great discussion'. In fact, the public gave her the best compliment a presenter can get by stating: “Now this is how I like Monday Research talks!” We wish Marlieke and the Spaapen group lots of success with their future research.  Marlieke Jongsma wint in house seminar award

Travel Award for Poster Presentation Astrid Thielen

PhD student Astrid Thielen won a travel award for her poster presentation at the bi-annual 15th European Meeting on Complement in Human Disease. The meeting was held  from 27-30 June 2015 in Uppsala. Her poster was entitled 'The differential role of complement regulatory proteins investigated using CRISPR/Cas9 generated human knockout cells'.
     Astrid Thielen award

Travel Grant for Anouk Zaal form NVVI

In January 2015, PhD student Anouk Zaal received a Travel Grant from the Dutch society for Immunology (NVVI). She used this travel grant to attend the Keystone conference on 'Dendritic cells and Macrophages Reunited' in Montreal, Canada (March, 2015).      Travel award Anouk Zaal

Cloning of human monoclonal antibodies to adalimumab

Sanquin’s Biologicals group cloned specific antibodies against the TNF-inhibitor adalimumab from single B-cells. The cells were derived from two rheumatoid arthritis patients, treated with the biological. The Journal of Biological Chemistry rewarded this work as paper of the week. Theo Rispens and his team found that  all anti-adalimumab antibodies compete for binding to TNF. The response is clonally diverse and involves multiple epitopes on the therapeutic antibody. These results are important for understanding the relationship between self and non-self or idiotypic determinants on therapeutic antibodies and their potential immunogenicity.

     illustratie JBC

In-house PHD award for Lotte van de Stadt

Lotte van de Stadt has won the biannual PHD-award at Sanquin’s Science day on November 28th at Science Center NEMO. She presented the results she obtained during her PhD period, which she performed at Sanquin and Reade, The Amsterdam Centre for Rehabilitation and Rheumatology. In her presentation, titled “The development of auto-antibodies in pre-clinical rheumatoid arthritis”, Lotte showed how autoantibodies, such as rheumatoid factor and antibodies to various citrullinated peptides (ACPAs) can help to predict rheumatoid arthritis (RA). For her research Lotte van de Stadt used blood samples drawn from blood bank donors years before they developed RA. To further investigate whether the onset of RA can be predicted she followed a group of patients who presented themselves with joint pain. One-third developed RA over time. From the results she created a model with several clinical and lab parameters to predict RA. Using this model it might be possible to intervene before the onset of RA, so to prevent or postpone the onset of the disease.
Lotte van de Stadt received her PhD cum laude in April 2013 and is currently training to become a rheumatologist.


Prestigious ICS Trainee Award for Richard Pouw

At the bi-annual 25th International Complement Workshop, held in Rio de Janeiro in September 2014, young investigator Richard Pouw was awarded a prestigious International Complement Society Trainee award in recognition of excellent research contribution to the complement research field. The award was given for his work on ‘Potentiating complement factor H cell surface regulation with a monoclonal antibody’.     Richard Pouw

Travel Award for PhD student Anouk Zaal

PhD student Anouk Zaal won a Travel Award at the 11th International Aegean conference on Innate immunity, which was held from 1-6 June 2014 in Olympia, Greece. She presented her work on 'The anaphylatoxin C5a affects the pro-inflammatory potential of dendritic cells through alteration of TLR-induced CREB and IL-10 signaling'.     Travel award group picture Greece

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