PI: Prof Marieke van Ham PhD

The department of Immunopathology, headed by Prof Marieke van Ham, focuses on the regulation of inflammation and tolerance against non-infectious antigens. Our approach is multifaceted, but arranged around defined topics within five research groups. Our topics are 1) inflammation, 2) complement, 3) immune modulation by dendritic cells, 4) antigen-specific B cell responses and 5) regulatory antibodies & Biologicals. Research within the department focuses on healthy humans and patients, but if an in vivo context is required for the evalution of our results we also use mouse models. Our expertise ranges from state-of-the-art biochemical and biophysical techniques for protein purification and characterization, to specialized serological and cellular immunological techniques to analyze function and activity of immunological proteins and cells.
The fundamental research of the department forms the basis of translational and clinical research and technological research and development for the Blood Bank and the divisions of Plasma Products, Diagnostics and Reagents.  

Research lines

Inflammation Sacha Zeerleder (group leader: Sacha Zeerleder) Antigen specific B cell responses  Marieke van Ham 40 x 60 (group leader: Marieke van Ham)
Complement Diana Wouters (group leader: Diana Wouters) Immune modulation and Immunomonitoring  Anja Ten Brinke  (group leader: Anja ten Brinke)
Regulatory antibodies & Biologicals Theo Rispens (group leader: Theo Rispens) Antigen presentation and costimulation  Robbert Spaapen (group leader: Robbert Spaapen)


Student projects

Our department offers several internships for undergraduate students (University master students and HLO trainees). For more information and an overview of the current internships visit the student projects page.

Last edited on: 7 March 2016