Experimental Immunohematology

PI: Prof Ellen van der Schoot MD PhD

Research of the department of Experimental Immunohematology is focused on immunohematological aspects of cellular therapy. We are studying immune responses to classical blood products such as red cells and platelets and perform research on the development of new cellular products, in particular of hematopoietic stem cells. The department also accommodates the Immunocytology diagnostic sub-laboratory and the certified Laboratory for Stem Cell Transplantation.

The research is embedded in the following research lines:

Research lines

Immune response to blood groups antigens
Humoral immune response
Minimal Residual Disease detection in childhood cancers
Cellular therapies


Additional Laboratories

The diagnostic Laboratory for Immunocytology
Laboratory for Cell Therapy
Immunoglobulin Research laboratory


Student projects

Our department offers several internships for undergraduate students (University master students and HLO trainees). For more information and an overview of the current internships visit the student projects page.

Last edited on: 7 September 2015