Blood Cell Research

The department of Blood Cell Research harbors the Phagocyte Laboratory and the Laboratory for Blood Transfusion Technology.

Phagocyte Laboratory

PI's: Prof Timo van den Berg PhD and Prof Taco Kuijpers MD PhD

In the Phagocyte Laboratory, three major blood cell types are investigated: erythrocytes, platelets and neutrophilic granulocytes. The first two cell types are regular transfusion products used for patients. The latter might become one. The three blood cell types play an essential role in, respectively, oxygen transport, blood clotting and in innate immunity, the inborn immune system against invading micro-organisms.

The aim of our research is to understand important metabolic processes in these cells. In this way we can better maintain the quality of these cells after donation and develop new diagnostic tools in order to identify aberrations in patients.

In our research we use a variety of biochemical, immunological and microscopic techniques. In addition, nucleic acid research and flow cytometry are used in the ongoing projects.

Research lines 


Laboratory for Blood Transfusion Technology

PI's: Dirk de Korte PhD and Prof Timo van den Berg PhD

The laboratory for Blood Transfusion Technology performs applied research to increase the knowledge of current and future blood products as well as materials. New devices and materials are evaluated, and methods to evaluate the quality of blood products are developed and/or improved. Special attention is given to the link between in vitro and in vivo evaluation through cooperation with the department of Transfusion Medicine. The Principal Investigator is also senior scientist in the phagocyte laboratory of the department of Blood Cell Research, and is involved in more fundamental projects on erythrocytes and platelets. In this way the Blood Bank has early access to results obtained in the Research division for product development and improvement.

Research lines 

Erythrocytes Robin Van Bruggen2 kl (group leader: Robin van Bruggen) Bacterial safety of blood products Dirk de Korte2kl (group leader: Dirk de Korte)
Platelets Laura Gutierrez Gutierrez kl (group leader: Laura Guiterrez) In vitro quality tests for cellular blood products Dirk de Korte2kl (group leader: Dirk de Korte)
Improving materials and methods for storage of blood components Dirk de Korte2kl (group leader: Dirk de Korte)



Project leader: Johan Lagerberg PhD


Student projects

Projects for an internship for students in biomedical sciences (University or HLO) are generally available and ideas for projects are welcome to be discussed. For more information and an overview of the current internships visit the student projects page.

Last edited on: 6 July 2017